SDL Post Express offers a wide range of solutions, whether you are shipping a single package, a number of pallets or full container loads. You can choose between road, sea or air transport (depending on your needs), benefiting from our frequent scheduled, low priced and high services to any destination in Iraq. 

At SDL Post Express, we listen to your problems and make recommendations based your requirements. Whether you need more capacity, are new entering markets in Iraq or are working to achieve better on time delivery and cost control, we can present the best and most flexible solutions. 

You can also benefit from modern office facilities, stratigically spread over 9 location in 4 countries, delivering cost efficient and high quality solutions for your international transport to Iraq. On request, we can also provide transport insurance and deal with all customs formalities.


You have a lot to do. We are there to help you see your transport options clearly. So you can make the best decision for your business.

Our experienced staff will simplify your shipment process and provide you with a dedicated person to coordinate all your part-load and groupage operations.

Groupage cargo carriage option allows using one vehicle for transporting several consignments being sent by different consignors to different consignees. This is the most cost effective way of moving items across Europe.

SDL Post Express has designed a comprehensive solution for your small consignment from all parts of Europe and America’s to Iraq.

Our groupage solutions allow you to consolidate your package or freight with other consignments. Allowing you to benefit from the inexpensive and efficient use of the vehicle capacity.

Special and Heavy Transport

Special transport requires special attention

We can transport all your special projects. Nothing is, too long, too big or too high. We offer integrated transport solutions, everywhere in the world. Your challenge is our opportunity to demonstrate our expertise. Our experienced teams provide the equipment and advice to get the job done.

Express deliveries